Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Free PDF Tai Chi Photo Book

 The Complete Photo Tai Chi Short Form PDF Book 

From the author of the 

Yup, its freebie time again! This full colour PDF contains over 300 photos, includes quotes from the Tai Chi masters and contains tips and tricks for learning the Tai Chi Short Form (Cheng Man Ching - aka Dr. Chi). This is the Complete English Language Version and is normally for sale on my web shop. But you can grab a copy for FREE now by signing up to the mailing list here.

Hang on a moment though! A word of caution before you click on that download button. If you are looking for pedantic details of foot angles or measurements for the height of your elbow in Repulse Monkey; if you are looking for a message from the one true Master of the Internal Arts, or are seeking the secrets of the advanced Qi magnetic expulsion technique, then prepare yourself for a little disappointment. The Bean Curd Boxer throws such geometric knowledge and absolute truths out the window with this inspirational and visual Tai Chi e-book.

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Enjoy and keep your Curd Firm.

Want more than just photos? 

Check out the TAI CHI TRILOGY below for a comprehensive guide to 21st Century Tai Chi: Practical training tips for taking tai chi out of the class and into your life. Visit the teapotmonk's Resource Site for all this and a lot, lot more. 

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